Thursday, 27 May 2010

Midnight Sky

An update: Following the previous pictures of the sunset (at around 11.15 pm) here are some shots of the sunrise (at around 1.35 am).


Two days to go and the Sun at midnight. Our house is situated slightly down the hill's top, and the Sun vanishes behind it in the middle of the night; I wanted to know, I wanted to see the midnight Sun, so I walked up the hill.

Somewhere down the hill, engines were roaring on the road; anywhere else, deep, deep silence, barely disturbed by the sound of my steps on the mossy ground. I barely remember anything, knowing only that I was there. The vegetation was otherworldly in the ethereal light, minty white lichens and dark berries preserved in snow since the the past summer.

The fireplaces have not been used yet this spring.

I walked up the hill, then down from the top onto the next, in an attempt to find the perfect spot. The path seemed to continue forever to the mountain's top in the distance; although cars could be heard not far, this place could have been in the middle of nowhere -- another world.
I could have walked this path forever towards the Sun.

The cloud appeared just at the wrong place, just at the right time. So much for the midnight Sun. As soon as it was hidden, the temperature fell from mild to icy cold, in a heartbeat.


Back to the suitcases and bags. I am leaving tomorrow, not unhappy to see Helsinki again but somewhat heavy-hearted to abandon such promises.

I wish I was born here.

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  1. Oh!

    I am not sure what is this feeling. Its something deep and slow. Dreamlike. Comes thrue this pictures and words. Mari Boine and Wimme helps.

    I just love it. Norhern region advice me to present moment to see and feel expansively. To have the deep feeling in stomach.

    I like your things here. This was nice this "signs and symbols" from Kautokeinos church area. There is absolutely a chatch in your writings and pictures and in whole blog. Hyvä juttu!