Sunday, 2 May 2010

Fishy, Fishy

Once again, no luck.

Joel and Georgie watching Sara, the librarian of the Sámi College, drill a hole in the ice.

It is snowing again since yesterday, the first time really since we arrived. A chilly wind was blowing over the frozen lake this morning, while the three of us foreigners and a bunch of locals were waggling their fishing rods with little conviction.
No one in our group caught anything, contrary to the children who seemed to rush to the competition tent every then and now, holding fish in their hands and trying to make the others kiss it "to turn it into a princess."
What a strange custom for a May Day celebration, I thought. Fishing competitions are not the most exciting thing one can come up with for Walpurgisnacht. Meanwhile, in Finland...

We had a quiet May Day at home, eating pancakes and, as far as I am concerned, still writing essays past the deadline.

Still snowing, but darkness turns to blue a little more every night.

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